ECHO CHAMBER GOES SILENT. InstaPundit also links to a Stanley Kurtz observation, "The NYU Federalist Society has invited over 100 NYU law professors to debate Epstein, but not a single professor has accepted. Yet each of these professors signed a statement deploring military policy and criticizing the school’s decision to allow military recruiting on campus. True, the Federalist society gave many of these professors, including the famous Ronald Dworkin, only a week’s notice. Yet surely at least one of these brilliant advocates ought to have been able to defend themselves." Wasn't it William Buckley who once noted, "Those who claim to respect differing points of view are often surprised to discover there is one." (In all seriousness, a sparring partner of mine from listserv days was once surprised that John Anderson didn't win the 1980 presidency.)

UPDATE: Packer fan Ranting Screeds has some observations on silence in the echo chamber.

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