IST'S NICHT EIN HAUFEN MIST? "'Everyone was looking for a white car with white people.' Get that? There's a word for this: racial profiling." That's Andrew Sullivan on the rash assumption many commentators made about the Washington, DC sniper. To be sure, the blogosphere has been all over this story, as Common Sense and Wonder has noted, complete with a link to a Michelle Malkin column of several weeks ago that was on point, and Seth Gitell has a column in the Boston Phoenix.

So far, I have not seen any suggestions that the commentators who used the angry white guy trope be given diversity training, which is good. I do, however, have one suggestion for any commentator who wants to use the angry white guy trope. Just sit. Take a deep breath. Then reflect: Why do they hate us so? Have I given them cause to be angry?

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