ANTI-SEMITISM ON CAMPUS. James Lileks has a takedown of some museum curator who retreats behind the beanbags of mushy relativism:

"Let us now return to the words of the Art Center’s mouthpiece:

'Art is subjective,' she said. 'Used as a metaphor or presented as the artist's personal statement, every opinion is valid and every viewer is entitled to his or her own interpretation.'

Yes, every opinion is valid - but as a famous pig once remarked, some are more valid than others. It’s amazing how much validity you get on campus when you make Jew-killing sexy.

Hamas solidarity AND hot obliques - now that’s progressive

In today's mail is a newsletter from the American Council of Trustees and Alumni with an article on anti-Semitism, with special reference to President Larry Summers at Harvard. The concluding paragraphs: "While some professors accused him of violating their academic freedom, Summers points out that while 'academic freedom ... to take any position' should be respected, 'academic freedom does not include freedom from criticism.'

It is ironic -- and intolerable -- that, on campuses where the slightest 'insensitivity' to some groups is punished with draconian severity [relatively speaking -- how many tanks does Loren Crabtree have? - Sup't], anti-Semitism is tolerated with little comment or criticism. ACTA is fighting this dangerous trend

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