TRIUMPH OF THE BULLDOZERS. Milwaukee's east-west freeway, and the south leg of the Zoo freeway, use the right-of-way of the Milwaukee Electric Lines Rapid Transit Line, and the Hales Corners branch. The freeway is worn-out, and the somewhat newer Marquette interchange (so named for its proximity to the home of the basketball team formerly known as the Warriors) is due for renovation. As part of that renovation, the Aldrich Chemical building in the middle of the interchange is to be removed. That building used to be an office tower and freight house for the Milwaukee Electric Lines, with freight tracks on two levels, and it guarded the entrance to the never-completed Milwaukee subway. Sic transit gloria interurbanus Wisconsinensis.

As part of the renovation, several Milwaukeeans, including someone whose name I recall from high school, are proposing to make the rebuilt interchange a toll road. But if Wisconsin scans cars for a toll transponder, will it accept Illinois I-Pass accounts? (Link via The American Mind.)

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