OVERTAKEN BY EVENTS? What do you do if it's not a Japanese pilot who flies a jumbo-jet into a government building, and it's not the Iranians who topple the Ba'ath party, and the Chinese have not made a play for the Siberian oilfields? If you're Tom Clancy, you kill off some of your main characters and let the children take over. Such is the basic plot line of The Teeth of the Tiger (details or compare prices.) Hoy Story commends the book. I am less impressed. Although Teeth of the Tiger is both shorter than and a bit more plausible than Red Rabbit (details or compare prices,) I'd really like Mr Clancy to tell us a bit more about John Clark, or John Kelley. One of the early books has a short reference to Kelley's girlfriend who was involved with druggies, and that became a great story, Without Remorse (details or compare prices.) There are a couple of other tantalizing allusions in other Clancy books to Agent Clark in Iran during the hostage crisis, and in Roumania under unclear circumstances. Where are the details of these cases?

And what is it about techno-thrillers getting a slightly disguised Teddy Kennedy into the White House? See Jack Higgins's Bad Company (details or compare prices) for a retro scenario involving negotiations with Hitler involving the current President's father. That both Bad Company and Teeth of the Tiger make use of succhinylcholine is probably coincidence.

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