COMPENSATING DIFFERENTIALS? So much work left to do ... here is a letter lamenting the outcome of the new trash-haulers' contract:

"Most people in the helping professions, such as teachers and social workers, don't earn as much as garbage collectors.

"While watching the news, I heard that the drivers make as much as $60,000 per year.

"There are professionals who have master's degrees who don't make that amount.

OK, you get up at 3.30 on summer mornings, in order to have your run done by 2 pm so that the stuff you're collecting hasn't festered in the heat all day. Or contemplate setting your rump against a UPS triple ... that's another kind of truck, and it goes to nicer neighborhoods than your truck does, and it hauls nicer-smelling cargo. Maybe the opportunity to sit in an office and do corporal acts of mercy, or compel others to do the acts of mercy for you, is worth a few dollars off your pay. Or maybe, just maybe, those Master's degrees are devalued credentials.

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