THOSE MAGNIFICENT MEN AND THEIR FLYING MACHINES. The students at MIT came up with a proper tribute to the centennial of powered flight, and didn't the physical plant people show the proper aplomb? (Via Kieran at Crooked Timber.) Pitts Pilot at Blaster's Blog (who has trouble writing about the experience flying a Pitts Special -- not surprising as that is a serious performance aircraft, archaic appearance notwithstanding) discovers that a private-enterprise test plane has exceeded Mach I, an honor previously limited to the Concorde and to various military aircraft. Perhaps the next fifty years of rocket flight will be as productive as the first fifty years of aviation?

SECOND SECTION: Transport Blog covers the supersonic test flight.

THIRD SECTION: Via Hit and Run, the New Scientist coverage of the test flight. Don't you just love that Vari-Eze-inspired (first-stage?) carrier plane?

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