PROCESS, NUANCE, FAILURE? Academic Game reports that the University of Saskatchewan, home to the Ace of Diamonds, Peter MacKinnon, will review safety and security. Don't drop those martial-arts courses just yet.
The review will include: an assessment of the effectiveness of current safety programs and activities on campus; a review of the timelines, adequacy and mechanism for seeking feedback and advice from the university community on safety issues; an assessment of staffing levels in security and the appropriateness of their training and preparedness. There will be University-wide consultation with advocacy groups on campus including the Student Union Women's Centre.
How shall I fisk thee? Let me count the ways. First, check that totally unnecessary colon introducing the elements. Second, get a load of those Silent Generation therapeutic words, assessment, mechanism, appropriateness, and preparedness. Evidently nobody gets kicked out or imprisoned. Third, note the pandering to special interests. Look forward to mandatory "Take Back the Night" and Eve Ensler's talking privates for everybody.

On the bright side, this is Canada. The university is less likely to have to take a hard look at its athletic programs, as the recruitment of unsocialized louts and the concomitant provision of fixers to look the other way when said louts expect to have their way with the ladies as a matter of right has not yet become par for the course in Canadian intercollegiate athletics. Likewise, the university is less likely to have to consider the likelihood that recruiting students out of rough neigbourhoods so as to achieve greater diversity will bring to campus the habits, including criminal activity, that keep those neigbourhoods rough.

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