AND YET MORE ON VIEWPOINT DIVERSITY AND SELF SELECTION. Callboy, call out a helper crew for this run.

Duke philosophy department chairman Robert Brandon's case for the seven of hearts receives some strong letters of recommendation. Insta Pundit concludes a not-so-insta post (a footnote in a decision, Professor Reynolds?) with "It's no doubt embarrassing for a professor of philosophy to be so corrected by two law professors." Herrn. Schneider and Schwarz, ist Herr Professor Brandon nicht selbstverstaendlich a miserable failure? Expedite a concurrence with the Superintendent's recommendation of the seven of hearts (one of the weakest cards in the sheepshead deck, for readers new to this theme), bitte?

Invisible Adjunct finds yet more commentary on Professor Brandon's statement, as does The Little Professor, The Cranky Professor, and The Naive Humanist. (This last site is a new discovery to Cold Spring Shops, and it's worth a closer look. I have long maintained that the failures of the University are often the failures of failed scholars from failed disciplines, and internal resistance to the corrosive commonplaces of those disciplines is something that merits recognition and reinforcement.)

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