FIFTEEN MINUTES OF FAME. Welcome, Academic Game readers, and thanks to Academy Girl for recognizing Cold Spring Shops as source of the quotation on top.

An op-ed piece I wrote summarizing some research on immigration amnesties has been picked up by the Aurora (Ill.) Beacon-News and the DeKalb Chronicle. Tomorrow: a seminar developing a theory of paying for the right to cut the line. That's for the Northern Illinois University community only at the moment.

SECOND SECTION: I always enjoy presenting my amusement park pricing research at seminars because you can depend on people asking the right questions. No exception today. I had no sooner gotten into my first anomaly than someone piped up with "Did you know what Great America is now doing?" Yup, which is the second anomaly. And the local Midweek has picked up the amnesty essay, complete with a working link to Cold Spring Shops.

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