FUTURE O SCALER? The "Finer Print" section of the Northern Star interviews students each day. Today's victim (the column is not available on line) is a model railroader.

Whoa, whoa. What is model railroading?
It's the adult version of playing with toy trains.
Do people give you crap for this?
The only place I really get crap is the model train club that I am part of. They yell when something isn't prototypical.
So are these a bunch of nerds then?
I wouldn't call them nerds.
Some of them are dorks, but some of them are pretty cool guys. A few of them need a little class.
Does it ever get competitive?
Well, what's competitive?
Has anyone ever taken a swing at someone?
Not yet, but we do have a lot of interclub politics.
Are there different political parties?
Well, there are the guys who spend the big bucks and then some who spend very little.

I'd surmise that this student is a member of a club of HO modelers, but that last sentence reeks of O gauge.

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