MORE WORK FOR MESSRS. SCHNEIDER AND SCHWARTZ. King at SCSU Scholars nominates Oklahoma University Dean John Snow, who appears to be making an un-person of a colleague. The nomination has been passed along, with the Superintendent's note that the dean in question is a dean at, well, Oklahoma, where the purpose of the college of liberal arts is to keep football players eligible. Dean Snow's dossier will have to be reviewed in light of recent developments at conference rival Colorado, where the football team is more open about its recruiting, and where the most recent affirmative action bake sale offered a proper send-up of "coming out" events.

Messrs. Schneider and Schwarz are also seeking a suitable representative from the University of Michigan. The story has been Instalanched, but John at Discriminations passes along the disturbing news that officials at the University of Michigan have been taking a page out of the Arab League playbook (would that Bo Schembechler had that for the Rose Bowl) by organizing a secondary boycott of firms that support a Michigan referendum that would change affirmative action as practiced at the universities. This Brian Dickerson column has details.

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