Football head coach Joe Novak said players are encouraged to get to know new recruits when they first come to NIU, confirming he’s heard of previous get-togethers, but none at an establishment like Amnesia.

Last season, football fans were criticized constantly for “embarrassing” conduct toward fans and members of opposing teams. But, the embarrassing actions of several football players speak louder than those of a stadium filled with more than 20,000 fans.

Tainting the situation even more is the administration’s disregard for punishing anyone who was involved in the party, showing that lack of common sense is something that won’t get football players into trouble.
That's more serious thinking from the editorial board of the Northern Star, who continue to get it right.

("Amnesia" refers to a local watering hole. The editorial describes it as a "night club" which is a bit pretentious for a place that caters to university students.)

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