A REPORT FROM HERRN. SCHNEIDER UND SCHWARZ. The headhunting firm of Schneider and Schwarz have reviewed the dossiers submitted on behalf of two middle managers at Duke University, and noted that as Pitzer's Laura Skandera Trombley is already the eight of hearts, Duke lobbyist John Burness be named the eight of spades. (A lobbyist really ought to understand that when you find yourself in a hole, quit digging!)

Schneider and Schwarz concurred with the Superintendent's recommendation that Duke philosophy chairman Robert Brandon be the seven of hearts.

The Superintendent has invited Oklahoma University Dean John Snow to respond to the allegations raised by King at SCSU Scholars. Dean Snow has not yet responded. The Superintendent is passing along a recommendation to Herrn. Schneider und Schwarz that John Snow be named the 10 of Clubs, for conspicuous use of a blunt instrument to deal with independent faculty, whilst evading opportunities to respond to his critics. (Remember, this is a sheepshead deck. The 10 of Clubs is a useful card to have for its point value, but it's not of much use in winning tricks. As such, it, like the 10 of Spades, is a good card for the Picker to hide in the blind.)

To summarize the deck, the following cards are now named.

Donna Shalala, Miami, Florida, Queen of Clubs
Roberta Matthews, Brooklyn, Queen of Hearts
Katherine Lyall, Wisconsin, Queen of Diamonds
Stanley Fish, Illinois-Chicago, Jack of Clubs
Peter Mackinnon, Saskatchewan, Ace of Diamonds
Chester Finn, Thomas Fordham Foundation, Nine of Diamonds

William Walker, Auburn, Ace of Spades
William M. Bulger, Massachusetts, 10 of Spades
Timothy Sullivan, Bill and Mary, 9 of Clubs
Laura Skandera Trombley, Pitzer, 8 of Hearts
John Burness, Duke, 8 of Spades
Robert Brandon, Duke, 7 of Hearts
James Holderman, South Carolina, 7 of Spades.

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