What it does to those poor kids is criminal. They're so disoriented, totally fish out of water. They don't have a clue how to behave, how to dress, how to talk, how to read and write at the level of the freshmen accepted at the competitive northeast institutions. It's truly pathetic. Their classmates spend vacations skiing, going to their cottages at the beach, traveling, they have their own cars, their own plastic, etc. As far as the quota kids are concerned, they may as well be from outer space. The reaction is to act up and act tough further alienating themselves. It's an awful system.
That's from a letter to Andrew Sullivan about the boondoggle called "admit unprepared students and call it 'access'." One has to wonder whether or not such "access" doesn't provide support for unfavorable stereotypes in students who have been brought up all their lives to reject such thinking as prejudice.

SECOND SECTION: Number 2 Pencil provides extensive context, with cross-references.

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