SOME ADDITIONS TO THE DECK OF CARDS. Herrn. Schneider und Schwarz expedited (they are old enough to remember the Hiawatha and understand what the Superintendent means by expedite) a nomination to the deck of cards. Bates Motel College media relations officer Doug Hubley, for characterizing the local College Republicans as thugs, has been recognized as the seven of clubs, a very weak card for a man who makes very weak arguments, and an appropriate reminder to an avowed socialist that it is not Republicans who set up gulags and beat people with clubs.

Schneider and Schwarz have also concurred with the Superintendent's recommendation that Oklahoma University Dean John Snow be named the ten of clubs. Dean Snow has not responded to the Superintendent's inquiry about the case, and Schneider and Schwarz agreed that he was probably hiding in the blind.

There may have been some other updates to the deck of cards not included in the most recent full list. I will check the archives and provide the complete list, perhaps over the weekend. (There is a theory examination Thursday evening, which means weekend procrastination.)

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