TEACHABLE MOMENTS. Topic for the regulated industries class: does the public have an interest in regulating the content of entertainment, specifically the halftime show? Apartment 11-D makes the argumentam ad popularum, and Daniel Henninger attempts to find common cause in the aesthetics. Assignment to the students: are there any arguments from principle being advanced in either essay?

On the lighter side, Scrapple Face has now started another site, Boycott MTV. Insta Pundit, who has already Instalanched the site, observes,
I'm not shocked by MTV, or repulsed. Just bored and annoyed. Frankly, I'd like MTV better if it showed actual people enjoying actual sex, rather than the winking, leering pseudo-sex that is its stock in trade.
I'm not going to Indeed that. Rather, I suggest that MTV offers bad winking, leering pseudo-sex. If you want to see some really good flirtation, seduction, rejection, and romance, with some serious athleticism thrown in, watch any community Ukrainian or Russian dance troupe in action.

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