TOO MANY TOYS? Fried Man links to a recent research paper by Daniel S. Hamermesh and Jungmin Lee on the alleged time crunch confronting rich people. Money quote from the Fried Man post:
The first thing you need to understand about overwork is that we aren't. For most of industrial history people worked six days a week. Workers often put in 12 hour days. Today in China factory workers are happy to take overtime and work sixty or seventy hour weeks for additional pay. They don't feel overworked the way so many people who work far fewer hours do.
Indeed not. We are all underemployed compared to our great-grandparents, many of whom didn't have to buy memberships in gyms to work out after work, because work itself, whether in or out of doors, was workout enough. New visitors to Cold Spring Shops might wish to read more on this alleged time crunch here. The links at the end of Fried Man's post are worth a look as well.

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