WHOOSH! One of the presentations at the Inland Lake Yachting Association's Winter Inland is a new Melges Boat Works scow handling disc set. (I pity those of you who don't live near the lakes of the Upper Midwest. There's nothing quite like a big racing scow in full cry.)

I had heard about this stunt before, but on the disc is the evidence: Buddy Melges and crew towed a water skier behind an E Scow. (It was too windy that July day in 2003 to use the larger A Scow as the towboat.) The sailboat, with the water skier in tow, reaches across Wisconsin's Lake Geneva from the Lake Geneva Yacht Club on the south shore toward Williams Bay. At mid-lake, the scow and the video boat pass close by a powerboat, parked mid-lake to do some fishing. The body language on the powerboat skipper when the skier goes by is priceless.

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