YOUR HEGEMONIC BIASES ARE SHOWING. Just for fun, suggest that the academy is a hierarchy of self-replicating class and viewpoint biases. (In other words, see whether the people who like to dish out that kind of stuff about, oh, professional sports, or the Republican Party, or the Society of Mayflower Descendants, or the Moose Lodge, can take it.) Listen to the squeals of outrage. Will Wilkinson (via Asymmetrical Information) gets it. Unqualified Offerings gets it, and his metaphor of bronco-busting is more apt than he knows. (There is a statue of a bronco-buster in front of Federal Trade Commission headquarters, and it is difficult to think of an agency that doesn't symbolize technocratic We Know Better more effectively than that Commission.)

Tightly Wound has a funny review of one thread in the argument over viewpoint diversity. There is a more serious point that she misses. The mindset of many managerialist technocrats has a lot in common with the mindset of the Soviet KGB. Namely, the managerial state, or the dictatorship of the proletariat, is the highest and most rational form of social organization. Therefore, anyone who questions either is, well, not acting rationally.

Oh, and there are class biases in the academy.

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