OH THE ROCK ISLAND LINE IS THE ROAD TO RIDE. "A high-speed train that's been proposed to link Chicago and Omaha, with stops in Des Moines and Davenport, is in trouble," notes this article.

Here is what the project has to live up to.

From the June 1954 Official Guide, here are the schedules the project must beat to have any chance of being called high speed rail.

   7    505                   506   10
 2:00  5:00  Chicago    1:15  8:30
 4:55  8:20 Rock Island 10:15  5:25
 7:55 11:40 Des Moines  7:15  2:10

Trains 505 and 506 are the Des Moines Rockets, train 7 the Rocky Mountain Rocket, and train 10 the Corn Belt Rocket. There were trains in addition to these.

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