THE ROLE MODEL HYPOTHESIS. Tested. and found wanting. Details in The Review of Economics and Statistics. Alex at Marginal Revolution, who has been a little quicker to look through the most recent Review than I, notes,
[Author Thomas] Dee is quick to point out that we don't understand why students perform better with a teacher of their own-race. If it is a role-model effect then why would white students perform poorly with black teachers - surely there are enough white role models to choose from that one more or less isn't going to have an effect on the self-esteem of white students. Another theory, with some support from other studies, is that teachers spend more time helping students of their own race. Note that if it is the latter then better teacher training, to overcome natural biases, could improve the effectiveness of both white and black teachers.
Diversity training in more than one direction, nicht wahr?

SECOND SECTION. See also this, on additional directions for diversity training.

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