UPDATING THE DECK OF CARDS. In the past week, the headhunting firm of Schneider and Schwartz approved two additions to the sheepshead deck.

University of Southern Mississippi president Shelby Thames, the ten of diamonds, continues to confirm his position by attempting, despite all logic to the contrary, to defend his playing of a weak trump.

Central Connecticut president Richard Judd, a miserable failure at impersonating a police officer, has been named the eight of clubs.

The following cards are now named.

Donna Shalala, Miami, Florida, Queen of Clubs
Cathy Davidson, Duke, Queen of Spades
Roberta Matthews, Brooklyn, Queen of Hearts
Katherine Lyall, Wisconsin (ret.), Queen of Diamonds
Stanley Fish, Illinois-Chicago, Jack of Clubs
Graham Spanier, Penn State, Jack of Spades
John Shumaker, Tennessee, Jack of Diamonds
Peter Mackinnon, Saskatchewan, Ace of Diamonds
Shelby Thames, Southern Mississippi, 10 of Diamonds
Chester Finn, Thomas Fordham Foundation, 9 of Diamonds

James Kaplan, Illinois Board of Higher Education, Ace of Clubs
William Walker, Auburn, Ace of Spades
John Snow, Oklahoma, 10 of Clubs
William M. Bulger, Massachusetts, 10 of Spades
Robert B. Sloan, Baylor, King of Clubs
Timothy Sullivan, Bill and Mary, 9 of Clubs
Richard Judd, Central Connecticut, 8 of Clubs
John Burness, Duke, 8 of Spades
Laura Skandera Trombley, Pitzer, 8 of Hearts
Doug Hubley, Bates, 7 of Clubs
James Holderman, South Carolina (ret.), 7 of Spades.
Robert Brandon, Duke, 7 of Hearts

We're still missing ten names. Thank you for your continued participation.

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