WHAT CONSTITUTES A HOSTILE CLIMATE? Mike Adams (via Betsy's Page) is on a roll. Read and understand.

SECOND SECTION: Professor Adams is not being completely facetious. From Critical Mass comes news of the sensitivity dog chasing its own tail:
Amazing to see the [U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights, hereafter OCR] recognizing that the censorious culture of campus liberalism, which routinely enacts official and ad hoc speech codes in order to impose certain values as behavioral and intellectual norms, can itself readily give rise to the very sorts of harassment it claims to work to prevent. The OCR has asked UNC for copies of its harassment policies as well as for copies of all documents pertaining to the Crystall case.
At Discriminations, John Rosenberg is more colorful.
So, a student calls homosexuality in effect a perversion; the instructor calls the student a violent, white, privileged heterosexist and the neutral, colorblind application of civil rights laws "a perversion"; and the feds are brought in to investigate. Aren't hate speech regulations a wonderful thing?
David at Volokh Conspiracy doesn't quite say "told you so."

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