DIVERSITY TRAINING REQUIRED? The Right Coast discovers simmering intolerance in Detroit. Some entrepreneurs report
The genesis of these designs started on the campus of Wayne State University. Talking with Jewish students who attend WSU, I discovered that identifiably Jewish students on that campus, for example those who wear a Kippah, a Chai or Star of David, know the Arabic word for Jew, al Yahud. Wayne State, located in Detroit, Michigan, not far from Dearborn, has one of the largest Arab and Muslim student populations of any American college campus and it seems that Arab students like to mutter "al Yahud" at Jewish students as they pass by. Of course, the Jewish students are proud to be Jewish and resent being targets of the word "Jew" being used as a slur. The aggressive attitude of Arabs, Muslims and others who support the 'Palestinian' cause, have made American campuses a hostile environment for Jewish students and other supporters of Israel.
The news does not reflect well on Wayne State, but it is difficult for administrators at a commuter university to sentence incoming students to sensitivity gulag training. The website offers some provocative apparel.

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