IT'S BETTER BEING AN ECONOMIST. That's Apartment 401's contribution to the continuing conversation about the sad state of (some) academic job markets. The conversation has taken a rather spirited turn. Tim Burke has reacted to the exodus of academic webloggers from the academy by invoking the idea of core and peripheral workers leaving. The distinction is one that comes up in economics from time to time. It usually does not get much traction, as it is somewhat tautological. A core job is a job that the writer would like to have; a peripheral job is not. Whether the peripheral jobs are or are not central to the functioning of the organization is more important.

Academic Game has responded to Professor Burke, line by line, and Professor Burke has responded in the comments section, 1000 characters at a time. Critical Mass has also weighed in.

In the course of researching this post, I discovered something called Topic Exchange: Invisible Adjunct that continues the themes the now-abandoned Invisible Adjunct site used to cover.

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