ARC SIN 0.7071 = ARC COS 0.7071. But that only allows a rough estimate of ARC SIN 0.6 (has to exceed 30, which is ARC SIN 0.5, but cannot exceed 45, or pi/4 to be consistent) and ARC SIN 0.8 (which, per corollary, cannot exceed 60 and does exceed 45.) But to raise questions about Florida Governor Jeb Bush's intelligence over a question about the internal angles of the 3-4-5 triangle, useful for millennia in laying out square buildings is a bit much, although it generates much more discussion at Thursday's Best of the Web.
If I get really punchy, I will publish a post on the demonstration that the set of Pythagorean triples is countable.

SECOND SECTION. I'm not that punchy yet. There is much more on this story in today's Best of the Web, including a gentle correction of the correspondent from yesterday who conflated ARC TAN with ARC SIN, and an observation that "exceeds 30 but does not exceed 45" works out to "about 37" and "just above 53" (the slide rule in my office doesn't have the proper scales for me to check, but I can still chide the correspondent about excessive significant digits, I think 36.9 and 53.1 -- shouldn't that be 36 deg 54 min and 53 deg 6 min?? -- would pass any proper examination. 36.86989764584? Pah.)

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