ANOTHER TENNESSEE CONNECTION. Northern Illinois University president John Peters has called another name from his Tennessee Rolodex, tabbing Notre Dame's Jim Phillips (stopped also at the candy store in Champaign) as the new athletic director. One of the people the local newspaper reached for a reaction was Tennessee coaching legend Pat Summitt, who praised the hire.
That's awesome.Jim has so many qualities that will make him successful at NIU: He's a people person, and he'll inspire those around him. He has positive energy and positive attitude - if someone thinks their glass is half empty, Jim's (glass) is running over. He brings out the best in others. I'm excited for Jim and equally excited for NIU. He is a great choice. I've been to DeKalb and I know people will embrace Jim, his leadership, and his philosophy.
Yes, Pat, you were in DeKalb, in the winter of 1992, and if memory serves, your team trailed by a bucket at halftime, although they acquitted themselves well in the second half. But in those days the women's basketball team had a real coach and real players. Perhaps Mr Phillips will take his talk about the "next level" seriously and stop using the program as a plaything for the Diversity Boondoggle.

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