INSTEAD OF THE RED RIVER, THE WINNIPEGGER, AND THE RUMP OF THE OLYMPIAN. Commuter rail? In the Twin Cities area? Calling at towns of 1500 souls?
A Times analysis of the potential costs of driving versus taking the train suggests commuters traveling to work between St. Cloud and the Twin Cities daily could save between $7,750 and $9,600 a year by leaving their vehicles at home.
The article does not spell out the assumptions of the analysis. Is the premise that driving commuters drive from work to home and then leave home to run errands? Doubtful. One of the advantages of driving from office to home is the opportunity to pick up the milk and bread, or the kids getting out of drama club (this is Lake Wobegon we're talking about, nicht wahr), or to go straight to the boat dock.

I don't know that weekend driving conditions are so terrible around the Cities as to make the train attractive for recreational trips. It is an option around Chicago, and likely to be much used with the air show this weekend.

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