IT'S NOT THE QUALITY OF THE EVIDENCE, IT'S THE SERIOUSNESS OF THE CHARGE. Sorry, that dog doesn't always hunt. Some months ago, a faculty member at Claremont McKenna was so inspired by the consciousness-raising at a forum on racial intolerance that she vandalized HER OWN CAR in order to set off several days of rage and a one-day cancellation of classes to reflect on the evil in the Claremont community. The latter act earned Claremont Graduate president Stedman Upham a place on the deck of cards.

The good news is that the adults prevailed. Betsy's Page picks up a Los Angeles Times story bearing the good news that the faculty member has been convicted on two felony charges and one misdemeanor, and faces hard time. Sentencing set for 17 September.

Hey Stedman, it's not because you have two last names that we're laughing at you.

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