OBVIOUSLY NOT. USA Today's William Keck rides with paparazzo Mel Bouzad, in quest of an exclusive shot. Today's quarry: Britney Spears's soon-to-be-stepchild.
Bouzad reaches Spears' house just in time to see the heavily tattooed [fiancĂ© Kevin] Federline cruising home from the grocery store. “That guy's a chump,” says Bouzad. “And you can print that.”

Bouzad routinely injects his personal feelings for the celebs he hunts, maintaining contempt for most. He insists that if he invested enough time and manpower, he could find dirt on them all and systematically destroy their lives.
Nonsense. He's well paid for the scandals he uncovers.
Whether you love the paparazzi or share George Clooney's disdain for the ground they stalk on, there's no denying these guys live an exciting life. And with demand for celebrity photos at an all-time high and with the weekly bidding war among Star, Us Weekly, People and In Touch magazines, there's a lot of money to be made.
Those celebrity photos are not airbrushed publicity shots, I can assure you. More dirt? Just more loutishness for people with no internal compass of their own to emulate. It is encouraging, however, that the hunter of celebrities has less respect for his game than the hunter of deer.

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