A PROMISING DEVELOPMENT. Students have returned to Northern Illinois University, and the police blotter is filling up again.
About 200 Northern Illinois University students and visitors to the city discovered that if you booze, you can lose at least $200.

The fines accompanied the 215 citations issued by the DeKalb Police Department between Thursday, which was Move-In Day for NIU, and Sunday for consumption of alcohol by a minor, possession of alcohol by a minor and possession of an open container of alcohol on a public way.

Although police haven't pulled statistics from previous years, the number of tickets issued this year appears to be "a fair amount higher than in previous years," Police Chief Bill Feithen said.

Locations of the violations varied, however. Several dozen citations were issued by police on foot patrols in the northwest part of DeKalb commonly known as Greek Row.
The good news is, the police might have decided not to let MTV and ESPN define college life.
Feithen attributed some of the increase in tickets to having more officers on the streets.

"It doesn't necessarily mean there was more drinking going on," he said.

In addition to the alcohol busts, one man was arrested early Sunday morning for allegedly trying to sell some 20 bags of marijuana.
The times, they are a-changin'.

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