QUOTE OF THE DAY: Winston's Diary is unimpressed with the Freshman Orientation Indoctrination on offer at his college.
Also, a preview of things to come. J.V.C. and I have agreed to have a blog-to-blog discussion on what it was like to be a lower-middle-class student in the humanities. We're both of the opinion that our distaste for theory and the far-left are in part the result of our respective upbringings. For my part, I would also like to bring up what I have perceived as definite classism amongst my "colleagues." We'll probably start this in a week or so. I'm not sure who will be firing off the first salvo. I'll be working on a draft of my initial comments on the issue over the course of the next week, but will definitely have a few things to say next week about Freshman Indoctrination 101.
Winston is onto something. The humanities are no place for the down-to-earth, which is the usual state of people with a blue collar upbringing who enroll in college. (If you're stoned and blue-collar, you're probably washing cars.)

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