SYMBOLISM TRUMPS SUBSTANCE. Although the University of Illinois's "Chief Illiniwek" is about as authentic as a "Captain Miles Standish" wearing a [Prussian] field-gray uniform complete with spiky helmet and dancing a [Bavarian, for you flatlanders] Schuhplattler, the evaluators from the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools finds its continued use damaging to the university's reputation, the absence of any complaints about the university's academic programs notwithstanding. When in doubt, set up a task force.
Interim Chancellor Richard Herman said he will ask faculty members to conduct a formal study of Illiniwek's effect on the campus' educational mission during the coming academic year.
Will there be a formal study of legislative micromanagement that starves Urbana -- not to mention DeKalb and Macomb -- of money while forbidding tuition increases during the coming academic year?

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