THAT SUBSIDY TO THE UPPER-MIDDLE CLASSES. "Keep UW affordable," urge the editors at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.
The costs of a University of Wisconsin education have been increasingly shifting from taxpayers to students and their families - setting in motion two alarming and related trends:

(*)Fewer students from middle- to lower-income brackets are enrolling than they used to.

(*)A smaller share of the state's high school grads of color are winding up as UW freshmen.

Policy-makers must reverse these trends - and pronto - by stepping up financial aid and by keeping in check future tuition increases.

These trends betray ideals that lie at the heart of America and of Wisconsin. College opens up opportunities to young people, opportunities that in America are supposed to depend solely on talents, not on race or wealth. Wisconsin observed that principle with a long-standing policy of keeping UW affordable - a policy that steep tuition hikes are threatening.
There is more to this story. On the one hand, the Journal-Sentinel have not discussed the vanishing art of working your way through college. Have the summer-replacement factory jobs gone missing to such an extent that students are no longer able to earn their tuition with such a summer job, and a part-time job during college? At one time, within my lifetime, that was possible. On the other hand, the writers have missed the expense-preference behavior of the court intellectuals in Madison. (Hat tip: Owen at Boots and Sabers).

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