WHOOSH! Sunday's weather: temps in the 80s, winds southwest 10-to-20. Off to Shabbona Lake for a bit of Laser practice, including my first capsize in four years, to the great amusement of some urchins who were fishing (fishing???) nearby.
<~ cheesehead snark>Did you know that the largest muskie ever landed in Illinois was caught at Shabbona? (There is a fish hatchery that stocks the lake with muskies and other fish that occur naturally in Wisconsin.) Did you also know that under Wisconsin game laws it would have to have been thrown back as too small?< /cheesehead snark>
A Laser is designed to be easily righted in the event of a capsize, as I promptly demonstrated. There was still enough wind for a few more screaming reaches. Got to work on that upwind technique in heavy air some more, but the new rigging is a great help.

The Laser is also one of the Olympic class yachts, and some of them feature in the Yahoo sailing -- which includes rowing -- slideshow. Props to Brazil's Richard Scheidt, who won the men's gold in the Laser.

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