QUESTION OF THE DAY. Best of the Web offers a variation on "what have you done for me lately?"
Suppose you're an employer and you hear that one of your employees, who's been working for you for about four years, once had a drinking problem and in fact pleaded guilty nearly 30 years ago to a misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence. You actually heard about all this when you initially hired him, and it did give you second thoughts, but in the end you decided to give him a chance. In the four years he's been working for you, you've seen no sign that he's fallen off the wagon. Is there any cause here to fire him? Even if the revelation about his past were new, wouldn't it have to be pretty severe to constitute grounds for termination?

Now say someone comes to you looking for a job. Right off the bat, you notice something strange about his résumé: It goes on for page after page about a job he held for four months, more than 35 years ago, but makes only the barest mention of anything he's done since. You have him in for an interview, and he can't give you a straight answer to any question about what he plans to do in the job if you hire him. Instead (to borrow a description from Joe Conason), he sounds like a bar-stool bore, with a bad habit of repeating the same lame boasts about that long-ago four-month stint again and again.
On the ground, there is evidence that the people who ultimately make the decision are noticing. Here is a report from a Cold Spring Shops source at the Sheboygan County Fair, in still-a-battleground Wisconsin.
Here's the better news ... the booth for the Right Political Party was way busier than the other guys. In fact, the Right Party ran out of Bush/Cheney stickers and Bush/Cheney buttons (including the kind you pay for) sometime before today! However, I must've asked right, because one of the booth workers gave me a button from his private supply that proclaims Badger State for BUSH. He also suggested there were volunteer opportunities available with the local Republican Party if I was so inclined.
One base is energized. I don't know about the other.

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