GET INVOLVED. Jeff at J.V.C. Comments links to my "Thanksgriper" post, and offers some suggestions for the holiday-challenged.

But verily, I say unto you: If, by some dolorous chance, the only people in your life are empty-hearted shopping addicts, and if you expect to witness not a single act of generosity or selflessness between now and December 25, then you know what? You need new friends. You need a new family. You need a new life. At the very least, you need to look a little harder at your town or city or neighborhood without seeing past signs of decency that in your bitterness you've chosen--yes, chosen--to overlook.

Or maybe you need to do something unselfish yourself. By that I don't mean thinking nice thoughts about idealized poor people and complementarily mean thoughts about suburbanites and Wal-Mart. That's effing useless. Get out your checkbook, get out into your community, get off your ass, and do something. Find a hard-up family whose kids need a Christmas. Find a group home that could use the old beds or dressers hiding under that shroud of dust in your basement. Find a soldier who will dance for joy over a package containing books and Slim Jims and clean underwear. Find his family; they need you too.

At Winds of Change, Joe has an extensive list of suport organizations for service personnel, from the United States and from numerous Coalition allies. Jeff is correct. Be helpful, but don't brag about it on your weblog.

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