I VAS CHUST DOINK MEIN HOMEVORK. Let's study the Nazis by (drumroll, please) ... acting like Nazis! I'm not clever enough to make stuff like this up.

SUVS at adjacent Pomona college were painted with anti-SUV messages like "My SUV wastes 33% more gas than a car" and "Is your image a good reason for people to die." (The paint is apparently washable). When the offending students were caught they had a surprising defense: their vandalism was part of an approved class project!

Bizarrely the students were taking a class in German Studies and were given an assignment to "develop your own political voice."

Alex at Marginal Revolution, who links on-site coverage, notes,
Ok Kristallnacht it ain't but this does suggest the professor knew what she was doing.
University administrators, instead of sitting in your offices wondering "why do they hate us," ask why you're so approving of vandalism masquerading as "theory"-inspired transgressiveness.

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