Sgt. Karlson reported boarding a LST on November 28, 1944, enroute LeHavre, then up the Seine to Rouen.
Immediately off to Saint-Saens to camp in cold muddy field for several days. Shared two man pup tent with Charlie Yesline.


EricYes said...

I came across this post today. The "Charlie Yesline" referenced by who I assume is your father was my dad. He was a T/4 Sergeant radioman and translator. No real point to me commenting here other than it was a nice thing to come across. He passed away when I was 5 and I inherited his scrapbook and mementos from the war, something he never talked about or shared with my mom or five other, and much older, siblings. He did talk to me about it though. In generalities, not the horrors of war. I guess by the time I was born enough time had passed to be able to share a little bit. And I was fascinated and immensely proud. Your father and mine, members of the greatest generation by a long shot. Anyway, thank you.

Stephen Karlson said...

And thank you for finding the post, and commenting on it. (Blogger holds comments on old posts for moderation, and I had to check the moderation queue to find it and post it.)

My dad didn't talk much about the war either, apart from being perpetually cold, tired, and hungry. (And that was the experience on the winning side.)