SOMETIMES THE CRAZIES COME WITH WARNING LABELS. There won't be much posting on academic follies today, but I couldn't resist linking to this gem at Tears of Things, who has been devoting much more energy than I care to to the Ward Churchill story. But I love this invented spelling.
Identifying as Xican @ --written with an "X" and with an "@" symbol as a progression of the term Chicano-- has become increasingly complicated and hybrid since the rise of cultural empowerment and nationalist movements during the 1960s and 70s. Twenty-first century diversity and hybridity of Mexican-American experiences --Mexitaliana/o, "Jewsixcana/o," Native-Chicana, SalvadoreƱa-Chicano, Chicana/o-queer, etc.-- have greatly expanded the terms on which we can identify as Xican @ s. What has remained a constant, though, is that Xican @ identity is steeped in social and economic justice, race, gender and sexual equality, cultural progression and decolonization under a shared, albeit diverse, Mexican-American experience, history and cultural origin.
Got that. I shall give the same wide berth to devotees of Xican@ that I do to people who insist on referring to females as "womyn."

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