A CASE STUDY IN DISTRACTION STUDIES. Charles at Liberty and Power explains.

The purpose of "distraction" is to prevent serious inquiry by causing professors to scurry and run in pointless meandering through a forest of political shibboleths: "diversity," "multiculturalism," etc. Meanwhile, administrators wheel and deal, and all the time feather their nests, while the wild-eyed faculty face off against each other along familiar battle lines.

Consider creating such a program on your campus. Distraction is ripe for study. After all, we are so good at being bamboozled, it really should be a field in which one can receive an advanced degree.

And by all means offer credit in advanced space grabbing. (What was that about studying logistics?) Somebody has discovered that a 72"x30" desk with a 42"x30" extension uses most of a 72"x72" space. It thus does not quite fit in the roomy-by-submarine standards offices the people who get praised for actually doing the teaching and the research will be relegated to. A new message has been circulated to everybody asking if they'd like a 60"x? extension desk instead.

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