NO HIPPIE COMMUNES TO SANCTION? Alan at The Torch discovers a new anathema at California-Berkeley.
Berkeley, where pot smoking was a basic civil right in the sixties, has banned drinking in the fraternities, turning its sights on demon rum in the hands of the wrong kinds of students. Berkeley: Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair, but watch out for Carrie Nation, Big Brother, and Big Sister. How would that have sounded during the Revolution? “Hey, Mario Savio and you kids from SDS, put down that beer or get busted!”
The university's statement is itself amusing.
"Throughout the school year, and especially in the last few weeks, we have seen an alarming increase in problems with alcohol abuse, hazing, fights and badly managed parties at all types of Greek organizations," said UC Berkeley Dean of Students Karen Kenney. "We need to address those issues to ensure student safety."
Right. Apparently double secret probation hasn't gone away yet. Is there any evidence that the incidence of fights and badly-managed parties is greater among the Greek-letter organizations, or, to reiterate, are some forms of diversity worthy only of marginalization?

RUNNING EXTRA. Closer to home, Greek-letter organizations have regained leave to serve adult beverages at what the article calls "third party venues," meaning commercial establishments that have liquor licenses. A ban on serving adult beverages at house parties remains in effect pending additional training.

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