THE MEDIA TEMPLATE? Here's the headline: Bush: Bloodshed in Iraq Is 'Worth It.' And here is the time stamp: Jun 28, 5:46 PM EDT.

So what will AP reporter Jennifer Loven be doing at 8 PM eastern, when the President delivers his speech? She has already filed the story.

FORT BRAGG, N.C. (AP) -- President Bush on Tuesday appealed for the nation's patience for "difficult and dangerous" work ahead in Iraq, hoping a backdrop of U.S. troops and a reminder of Iraq's revived sovereignty would help him reclaim control of an issue that has eroded his popularity.

In an evening address at an Army base that has 9,300 troops in Iraq, Bush was acknowledging the toll of the 27-month-old war. At the same time, he aimed to persuade skeptical Americans that his strategy for victory needed only time - not any changes - to be successful.

The interpretation is also filed.
It was a tricky balancing act, believed necessary by White House advisers who have seen persistent insurgent attacks eat into Americans' support for the war - and for the president - and increase discomfort among even Republicans on Capitol Hill.
More specifics:
Bush's repeated acknowledgment of death and difficulty came less than a month after Vice President Dick Cheney proclaimed the Iraq insurgency "in the last throes." Still, the president's overriding message was one of optimism.
And coverage of the opposition.
The liberal group MoveOn.org also unveiled television advertisements that call the Iraq war "a quagmire." "We got in the wrong way. Let's get out the right way," say the ads running in several contested congressional districts.
I will have opportunity to watch some of this evening's speech. About now I'm wishing for a "Deviating from his pre-released text ..." story about 9 pm (Eastern) tonight.

SECOND SECTION. Or did Ms Loven go to Aruba instead? Michelle Malkin posted the story at 3.44 PM (Central, or 4.44 Eastern -- a reader gave her the heads-up.) Lots of trackbacks. Captain Ed had it by 4.08 PM. Spirited bull session there: a few commenters noted that there is such a thing as a pre-released text. John at Power Line had it by 4.11, just in time to board the Peninsula 400.

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