USE THEIR OWN RULES AGAINST THEM. Nothing like a long weekend during the summer recess to bring out the craziness in academic administrators. University of Oregon president David Frohnmayer's lackeys have released more of their plans to build the culturally competent faculty. Their intent might have been to sneak it past everybody, but they've been spotted, and Herrn. Schneider u. Schwarz have added the relevant information to their file.

Joanne Jacobs has a link to a workshop intended to reinforce the propensity of some search committees to hire sycophants of color for cultural competence. A close reading of the text suggests that invented spelling is on the list of competences to be identified.

King at SCSU Scholars notes the effect of requiring faculty to attend mandatory summer (meaning unpaid labor; administrations are faculty unions' best friends these days) re-education as part of a five year diversity plan on the morale of faculty members from the Former Soviet Union.

It occurs to me that the nomenclature and implementation are contrary to the very civil rights laws the Diversity Boondogglers exist to enforce. Isn't the creation of five year plans and mandatory re-education creating a hostile work environment for immigrant faculty from the old Warsaw Pact? Many of the affected faculty members evidently are keeping their credentials up-to-date and contemplating new jobs. You mean the Diversity Boondoggle, stripped of all pretense, isn't "if you can find a better job, take it," all over again? All that's missing is the stationery from the human resources department watermarked with the broken-necked crane.

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