CLASSICAL ALLUSIONS MATTER. Photon Courier analyzes two lines of a popular song.
1)You need to know that, in mythology, Cupid symbolizes love
2)And that Cupid's chosen instrument is the bow and arrow
3)Also that there was a singer/songwriter named Sam Cooke
4)And that he had a song called which included the lines "Cupid, draw back your bow."
His point:
"Progressive" educators, loudly and in large numbers, insist that students should be taught "thinking skills" as opposed to memorization. But consider: If it's not possible to understand a couple of lines from a popular song without knowing by heart the references to which it alludes--without memorizing them--what chance is there for understanding medieval history, or modern physics, without having a ready grasp of the topics which these disciplines reference?
Quite so. My limited reading of the important regulatory and antitrust decisions turns up a rich harvest of classical allusions. Quick quiz: who wrote, "neither the wit of man nor the wealth of Midas can restore a natural gas field?" What was the context?

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