THE GARDEN OF EARTHLY DELIGHTS. The editorial board at the Northern Star is not happy about going to the fights to see move-in weekend break out.

What is it about the last two days of summer that makes people lose their minds?

One of the most disturbing aspects of these surreal two days is the majority of the absurd actions occurred away from the residence halls.

(Northern Illinois requires most frosh to live in the dorms, er, residence halls.) Their take:
Instead it was a sad group of NIU’s student body that did nothing but further a crippling stereotype of college students.
Good point.

Some of the responsibility rests with the miscreants. I do not hold the upper administration harmless in this behavior. University publicity has made much of the football team's recent success, including raising money for a new weight room and study center to keep the athletes eligibile, and the space-grabbing deans asked faculty participating in their pointless "Meet the Professor" gathering on the Friday of move-in weekend to wear red and black, if possible. Sell the university as if it is a party school, don't be surprised if some people buy the pitch.

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