LET'S THINK ABOUT OUR HISTORY. The Northern Star speaks with some colleagues who have been peacefully assembling seeking redress of grievances.
The rally protesting the Iraq war was established in Dec. 2001. However, the DeKalb Interface for Peace and Justice recently celebrated 20 years together as an organization.
No, the vigil that began in late 2001 was first to draw attention to the human costs of liberating Afghanistan. Is the half-life of our memory so short that objections some people raised to that campaign have gone past the event horizon?

This, on the other hand, is priceless.
"I saw the group protest and I had a sense that I needed to do something," [DeKalb resident Frances] Loubere said. "I was astounded and surprised that Bush was voted into office again."
In microcosm, that's the intelligentsia's echo chamber. "How could Nixon win [Anderson lose]? Nobody [Everybody] I know voted against [for] him?"

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