OCCUPATIONAL BIRTH CONTROL? Welcome, Suburban Dad readers. In addition to my post on the consequences of mistreating economists, this post on economics course content and this on the misplaced priorities of university administrations might be of interest. The Semi-Daily Journal offers some thoughts on the economics department cartel.
[D]eans appeal to all kinds of social-solidarity and other motives to discourage professors in other disciplines from bargaining hard for higher salaries and fishing for outside offers. In Economics, by contrast, responsiveness to market forces is a moral imperative.

I do intend to offer a longer response to Dean Dad's queries, but first, some dossiers to look through (we're hiring!) and a teaching committee meeting (the "why am I here?" committee) to attend. Back this evening, before after the concerts. (Lots of good music around here, and the only opportunity cost is the grading or perhaps the shuffling of freight cars that gets left undone.) I do want to say a few words about "service" courses and the Faustian bargain they present for economics departments, from the perspective of a not-quite-successful-enough-for the bigs researcher with some occasional good things to say about life in the mid-majors.

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