COMPARE AND CONTRAST. Charles at The Torch discovers what might be some inconsistent thinking at Wisconsin-Eau Claire. On the one hand, the university stands by its policy of prohibiting resident assistants (we used to call 'em housefellows) from conducting Bible study groups out of their rooms. On the other hand the university is encouraging faculty to participate in or nominate students for recognition in the upcoming Vagina Monologues season. (In New Orleans February is for Mardi Gras, high water be d***ed. On campus, February is for Eve Ensler. Bleah.)
If you recall, that ban came about because an administrator feared students might feel “judged” if they knew their RAs were Christians (or Muslims). But if students are really so delicate that they cannot deal with knowing that a minor authority figure like an RA calls himself a follower of Jesus or Mohammed, how can they be expected to bear knowing a professor (certainly someone with much more power over their lives than a mere RA) fancies himself a “Vagina Warrior?”
Quite so. Power systems are only supposed to be questioned if they give the wrong sort of people power. Read all about "liberating tolerance" here. (Begin at the beginning. Road rage isn't something from the 1990s.)

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